Running a few miles in a "new" pair of shoes

If you're reading this, it probably means you were navigated to my blog through a random filter or unsuccessful search engine. Unfortunate for you, good for me. If you read my blog you will find out that I am a 20-something, overweight female who picked up a pair of running shoes one day and decided to go for a jog. This is where I document my journey toward becoming an avid "runner", whatever that is. It may seem like a silly experiment, and it is. But it's also more than that. I am running for health, happiness and strength. I'm running to live.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hush, dear. Easter Bunny has a hangover.

Ran today! Whoo hoo! Week 6, Day 1. I thought it would be easy (the longest stretch was only 8 minutes) but the damn heat nearly killed me. For some ungodly reason I thought it would be reasonable to start my run at high noon, just as it was reaching the upper seventies. Bad idea. I barely made it up the hill on my way home, and to make it worse I spent the 20 minutes immediately following my run in a humid and crowded laundromat so that I would have clean clothes to change into when I got home. Overall a good - if slow - run, and I'm happy to be back on a schedule, even if I had to backtrack a few weeks.

Because of the weather, I opted to wear shorts on my run for the first time (Give me a break, I started in December, okay?). I'm not going to lie I felt a bit self conscious at first and wished I hadn't chosen such a busy road for my run, but after about five minutes I was breathing too hard to give a damn how far my shorts were riding up or how ugly my knees looked. Besides, the busy street provided me with some good Easter site-seeing opportunities. The highlights? A little girl out in the front "yard" hunting for Easter eggs, tripping over one Easter egg, falling on her butt, getting up, and moving on without ever noticing said Easter egg. I also saw a fellow runner sporting a fine pair of fuzzy bunny ears, although I have no idea how he was keeping them on at his pace! By far the most outrageous Easter sighting of today's run, however, was the CREEPY, 6 ft. tall Easter "bunny" dancing about and taking pictures with dozens of small children ... OUTSIDE THE LIQUOR STORE?!?! No worries parents, you can pick up the pictures of your little tykes on Monday and receive a free coupon for your next liquor purchase!


This is the same liquor store that gives free "sample" shots of their liquor to curious patrons such as myself. That's one way to guarantee customer loyalty! I thought I was sweaty running in the sun, but now I feel for poor dude in the bunny suit. Someone had to draw the short straw..

Anyway, Spring break is now over and it's back to the daily grind for me. Five more weeks of the semester you say? I think I'm gonna puke.

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